Our Mission

To encourage youth to use their creative talent to impact social change

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to encourage self expression through creative arts to guide youth in personal DEVELOPMENT and leadership, as WELL as divert youth from destructive behaviors

The Hard truth- Let's Look at juvenile crime in our area

in 2016 1,087 complaints  were filed towards youth in wicomico county. The largest percentage, 23.5%, were 15 years of age.

In fact, 66% of incarcerated youth were between the ages 15-17.


In 2016, there were a total of 1,087 charged with a crime, 197 placed in a detention facility and 59 new probation cases. 

our youth need better options...


Rize Youth Poetry Program

Community-based youth poetry team and workshops

Youth/Adult Dialogues

Changing the dynamic between youth and adults, changing perspective.



See us in Action

Want to see what working for social change looks like? Take a look at our videos to see how we go from mission to action.