ALL Fenix Youth Project Inc. writing competitions are free contests. No entry fee is required.

At the conclusion of each contest, our volunteers convenes and begins the monumental task judging. Please understand, the judging of this contest is just as important to us as it is to you. We read every single poem, sometimes even two or three times.

The first place winner will be contacted by phone or emailed and asked to call our office to verify their identity. As soon as the complete list of winners is drawn up, it will be posted on the home page.


The contest is open to anyone age thirteen and up who writes poetry.


Contest entries are judged based on poetic technique, effectiveness, style, and creativity.


  1. Poetry can be written in any poetic style and on any subject.

  2. A poem in its entirety must be an original work by the person entering the contest.

    • Plagiarism is a serious offense with serious consequences.

  3. Only one poem per person, per household is allowed.

  4. Poet must be at least thirteen years of age.

  5. Any entry containing cliché, overused phrases will not be accepted. Examples:

    • Roses are red

    • I love you

    • All work and no play

    • Time after time

  6. All poems must be written in English. (Poems written in other languages may be submitted along with English translated copy)

  7. Contest entries must be at least 3 but cannot exceed 26 lines (including stanza breaks) and cannot exceed 55 characters per line (including spaces between words). Any submission that exceeds these limits will be automatically disqualified. The poem title does not count as a line.

  8. Do not double-space.

  9. Poem must adhere to basic rules of capitalization:

    • Do not type poem in all capital letters.

    • Do not capitalize the first letter of every word.

    • Only capitalize words that are proper (i.e. names and places).

    • The first word of each line may be capitalized if it is done consistently throughout.

  10. Do not use “texting” lingo. Properly spell out all words and numbers.

  11. Poems containing language that is vulgar, offensive, or wholly inappropriate will not be accepted.

  12. To ensure proper lineation, please use the “Enter” key to start a new line, indicating all intentional line breaks.

  13. Do not include your name or any other information at the end of your poem.